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Published: 18:46 BST, 17 March 2015 | Updated: 20:39 BST, 17 March 2015

She is pregnant with her second child.

And on Tuesday actress Jaime King took to Instagram to show off her pregnancy curves in nothing but a pair of black underwear as she cupped her breasts and revealed her tattoos.

The 35-year-old star also wrote a caption where she said she was 'bracing for your judgments.'

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Baring her body: Jaime King took to Instagram on Tuesday to show off her pregnant belly in nothing but a pair of black underwear as she cupped her breasts and revealed her tattoos

The Hart Of Dixie star's full message was powerful.

'My body. My growing baby, open for comments. Plain as day,' the blonde beauty started.

'I, like every other woman, bracing for your judgments. This is who I am. And I love me in every flaw and curve or flat or thin area. And I love you as well in every form that your body takes.'

A strong message as well: The 35-year-old star also wrote a caption where she said she was 'bracing for your judgments' and said she loved her flaws

Fearless female: The voice of Aurra Sing on Star Wars: The Clone Wars looked up as her backside was photographed

Brave statement: The Hart Of Dixie star's full message was powerful: 'My body. My growing baby, open for comments. Plain as day,' the blonde beauty started

The actress - who provides the voice of Aurra Sing on Star Wars: The Clone Wars - was standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling window in what appeared to be her home.

The view was of a hillside that had plants and a low wall.

In one shot the Sin City star is facing the camera with her head down. In the next she shows off her backside. 

On Monday the former model shared a photo where she was wearing a black bathing suit pulled down and a black motorcycle jacket.

Sweet moment: The Sin City standout came under fire for promoting Fiji water on her social media account

It's interesting that Jaime would reveal her body so much after getting upset over a recent Instagram comment.

King denounced social media, claiming it 'may be the downfall of all', after making a mistake over popular British idiom 'hey ho' made over the weekend.

King launched into an online rant after a user on Instagram used the words as a comment on one of her pictures, failing to realise that it wasn't a prostitute-related insult directed at her, but just a turn of phrase.

It all kicked off when Jaime shared a picture of herself on the social networking site with a bottle of Fiji water while reminding other pregnant women to stay hydrated. 

Awkward: King launched into an online tirade after mistaking the British term 'hey ho' for an insult directed at her, and has since claimed 'social media may be the downfall of all' due to her misunderstanding; here she is pictured on March 10

The image prompted a response from a British follower named Jessica, who commented with a rather critical reply about the brand of bottled water and capitalism, while innocently using the term 'hey ho'. 

'I’m sure the people of Fiji would like Fiji water too but unfortunately they can’t have any because some big business decided that they now own the water in Fiji. But hey ho, keep paying top dollar for those bottles of water, as long as oppression is it on your door step, am i right?' she wrote.

However, the small inoffensive and perfectly reasonable phrase - which is generally just a verbal way to segue and summarise in conversation - a was lost in translation on the American star, who didn't understand its meaning.

She responded with a lengthy reply on the Instagram image, after mistaking the harmless words 'hey ho' for being called a prostitute. 

Fighting back: The American actress was not privy to the innocent meaning of the words 'hey ho', written to her by a British fan on Instagram in response to a picture involving Fiji water

'Dear Jessica- an open letter to your own assault. Apparently, I am a ho,' the star began.

'Oppression is not at my doorstep according to this you. (Ironically, I grew up with my father taking care of the tenements and section 8 housing, collecting quarters out of washing machines and cleaning broken toilets) there are many forms of oppression. Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and beyond. These things are immeasurable as they are relative to one’s life experiences.

'The reason why I am posting this is because I am disgusted by the language and online abuse that people think is a standard way of communicating. Take responsibility for your words. Let’s call this instant Karma. You don’t know how I grew up, we didn’t have fancy things and lots of money, you don’t know how hard I had to work for everything I have. I applaud everyone that achieved their dreams.

Avid social media user: Jaime regularly posts pictures and messages to her thousands of followers on her Twitter and Instagram pages

'I don’t degrade them when they are pregnant or not pregnant and putting good things in the world. You are not invisible to me. You do not mean nothing to me just because you are ignorant and rude. I care for you because I care that you’re happy and clearly, you aren’t. Take a look into your heart when you are ready.

'And maybe that won’t be in this lifetime. But I will not except that this will be the norm of how we speak to each other. Because I idealistically believe that we can and will have the capability to lift each other up as women. And not use words like HO to address one another.'

'Godmother - we all love you!': Jaime King named her close friend Taylor Swift as her baby's Godmother on Sunday

The image in question, and the written responses by both Jaime and user Jessica, has since been deleted, perhaps after she realised her error in misunderstanding the turn of phrase. 

After her embarrassing misinterpretation of the thoroughly British phrasing, Jaime took to her Twitter page to warn her fans of the dangers of social media in a tweet that has also since been removed.

She wrote: 'Social media may b the downfall of all or the love that connects us. I wish we all spoke the same language & I am sad & sorry when we don't.'

While her original image has been removed, a picture on herself with her one-year-old son James looking down into a pond at some fish, a bottle of Fiji water in the background.

The actress, who is the best friend of Taylor Swift - the godmother of her unborn child, is an avid social media user, with over 600,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 200,000 on Twitter alone, with nearly daily updates from her. 


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