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Thandie Newton

Published: 14:15 BST, 10 October 2016 | Updated: 18:06 BST, 10 October 2016

She's said that she's stripping off for her new TV role to empower her daughters.  

So 43-year-old mother-of-four Thandie Newton won't be shy about new stills that finally show the moment she went completely naked for TV show Westworld.

Evan Rachel Wood, 29, has already taken her clothes off for dramatic effect in controversial new sci-fi drama.

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 Brave: Thandie Newton is pictured stripping off for her new controversial role in Westworld TV show

The barefoot beauty, who plays robot sex worker Maeve Millay in the series, is seen looking scared and lost as she wakes up right in the middle of a surgical procedure.

Maeve learned a secret technique to help her wake from nightmares and ended up waking up in the real world, on an operating table.

Westworld depicts a theme park where visitors can play out their basest fantasies, raping and killing robot hosts. 

Stark naked: The actress is the second famous actress to go naked on-screen in the show

Scared: In the scenes, Thandie looks terrified as she wakes up in the middle of an operation

Speaking about the role in The Mail On Sunday’s You magazine, Thandie said: ‘Of course I’m an empowered woman. I wanted to do Westworld for my kids, particularly for my girls.’

Thandie admitted that she was ‘horrified’ when she first read the script but quickly realised the point was to ‘shock people into awareness’. 

She added: ‘They have created a world which deals with the issues I’ve struggled with all my adult life – exploitation, ignorance, and a culture of complicity and disconnection. It was deeply empowering.’

Terrified: She wakes up on an operating table in the new stills

Terror: Thandie says she hopes the scenes will empower her daughters

The British star has daughters Ripley, 15, and Nico, 11, and son Booker, two, with director husband Ol Parker, 47.

She has revealed that as a young actress she was groped by a co-star and exploited by a director. 

Stills from the new drama have already shown True Blood actress Evan in a state of undress.

Sitting on a chair as robot host Delores, Evan bares all while being examined by a character played by newcomer Luke Hemsworth - brother of well-established stars Luke and Chris. 

Naked ambition: Evan Rachel Wood also goes fully naked as character Delores in a scene opposite Luke Hemsworth

The elaborate series is about the android hosts who live in a vast Western theme park until the robots seem to gain consciousness and seek revenge after a coding malfunction.

The show, which reportedly cost the network an astonishing 0 million and faced multiple production delays, is based on the futuristic 1973 Michael Crichton movie.

Another shot featured the actress posed topless and on a stool with an artfully placed hand protecting her modesty.

Candid: Evan Rachel posed topless in another shot with a perfectly placed hand protecting her modesty 

Pert posterior: The star sat straight backed on the stool while Luke was dressed in a sweater, shirt and trousers as the park's head of security

Speaking out: Evan defended the show's violent content, urging critics to 'wait for the context.'

Cuts and bruises: Another shot featured the actress with blood on her face and neck 

His turn: James Marsden appears shirtless in the show as well

Big debut: Evan and James star as robot 'hosts' in the Western-themed amusement park

Anthony Hopkins appears as the park's creator Dr. Robert Ford, who may be beginning to have regrets about his creation.

The park has hundreds of robots running on repeating storylines that can interact with the rich guests. 

James Mardsen also stars as a robot who is reunited with his robot love Delores - the oldest robot in the park.

Creepy: Ed Harris plays a murderous guest who is determined to get to a deeper level of the park

Back in the lab: Anthony Hopkins stars as Westworld's mastermind Dr Richard Ford, while Jeffery Wright plays Bernard Lowe

Westworld also stars Ed Harris as the murderous guest Man In Black, who takes no prisoners and leaves a trail of death and destruction as he tries to access a deeper, even darker, level of the park. 

But when a new coding update creates a bug that starts to give the robot hosts the ability to remember their past 'narrative loops' - including what the human guests have done to them -  they begin acting out.

Crack programmer Bernard Lowe, played by Jeffery Wright, must try to figure out what's gone wrong and fix the software before someone gets hurt. 

Face off: Thandie Newton and Rodrigo Santaro come face to face in the salon 

Inspection: Dolores opposite the park's owner Anthony Hopkins 

After a robot 'kills' another robot, the worried park bosses decide to intervene to pull out the malfunctioning 'hosts.' 

HBO is hoping Westworld, which is created by husband and wife team Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, will be their next big thing.

The cable network needs a hit, since the end is in sight for their cult drama Game Of Thrones, and their last big series Vinyl fizzled out soon after it's debut this year.  

Lifelike? A machine gets to work creating one of the Westworld park's robot hosts 

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